Curated by Francesca Seravalle

Multimedia and archival investigation, it’s an utopical research, an impossible project with an archaeological and Warburghian approach.

The topic of the First Time continues in Francesca’s curatorial practice with the project Everything has its First Time where she digs up many archetypes of our contemporary society and transforms materials from open data archives into new visions. To this project belongs the video Secret Communication presented at London Photo Fair 2016, Venice Film Festival 2016, Photo Saint Germain, Paris 2017. It’s a video made by the combination of two different research of first: the first onscreen woman orgasm and the first sound ever recorded.

Everything has its first time is an on going research, partially visible on her YouTube channel, where she shows archival materials to analyses our present use of the media, with a sociological approach to the history of technology. Every first (photo, sound or movie) is a test or a prototype and they have first and foremost the revelational ability of being unique and of recording a first experience in history, they are milestones of the cultural revolution of our contemporary society, when the surviving of a single is in crisis for the abundance and the abuse of the production.

Test images, video and sounds, like our family photo albums, lack a “glamour” filter for a more authentic beauty: they have an authentic relationship with their time. The chase for the First is an obsession and the pleasure to assist for the first time to a “phenomenon”, a discovery, the epiphany of a photographic and social archetype. In her work there is no distance between being a curator, writer, researcher, archivist, teacher and artist.

Youtube: Everything has its first time

Website: www.itsfirstime.tumblr.com