"The Thread of Venetian Women"
ArteMide production
in partnership with Regione del Veneto
Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

"Chapter 1: The thread of Venetian Women"
"Chapter 2: The legend of the lacework"
Text and voice by Chiarastella Seravalle
Visual by Andrea Moroni
Music by Rachele Colombo
Video Morphing by Massimiliano Ciammaichella

"Chapter 3: Women from Ca' Pesaro"
Concept and reserach by Francesca Seravalle
Video Morphing by Massimiliano Ciammaichella

The video, presented at the 75th Venice International Film Festival 2018, shows the performances of the project "Il filo delle Donne Venexiane" produced by the cultural association Arte-Mide with the partnership of the Region del Veneto and the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia. This project, in the last twelve years, converges professionals in different fields in a synergistic artistic research. Actors, musicians, directors, curators, visual designers, anthropologists and historians collaborate together on research that has its roots in Venetian art and culture by participating in a process of revaluation and dissemination of recovered knowledge while giving new visions. The video is composed by dialogues of music and image, between modern and contemporary art. Three chapters to give voice to the "Venetian women", famous or not, and to female archetypes of independence. The two artists Chiarastella Seravalle and Rachele Colombo composed the dramaturgy and the music for the first two chapters.

The third chapter, conceived by Francesca Seravalle and edited by Massimiliano Ciammaichella, is a tribute to two important social revolutions of the XX°: the role of the woman and the advent of the digital era, by the painting from Ca’ Pesaro archives - Museum of Modern Art of Venice. The eyes and the profiles of the Judith by Klimt, Boccioni's sister, the Casorati ladies merge, in revolution rotation in their axis, The interaction reverses the role of the picture observed in the observing picture and brings the visitor aware about the contemporary digital influence in our perception of art. The background music is Tumblewash is a homage to the pioneer woman of electronic music: Daphne Oram.