COMMISIONED BY Museum of Modern Art of Venice - Ca’ Pesaro

The project has been realized for the Museum of Modern Art of Venice - Ca’ Pesaro - for this special event about the feminine archetype: Lilith, the first woman. Women of Ca' Pesaro it's a tribute to two important social revolution of the XX°: the role of the woman and the advent of the digital era, by the painting from Ca’ Pesaro archives.

In the video, their faces summarize, in revolution rotation in their axis, the new independence of the early twentieth century and are revisited in a story made up of images in motion. They merge and interact, in a continuous flow that is repeated obsessively, to sublimate the infinite faces of Lilith of the new epoch. The video is a dialogue between modern and contemporary art and aims to bring the visitor aware about the contemporary digital influence in our perception of art. With this digital intervation the roles between seeing and beign seen are inverted: we can percieve the eyes of the painting on us.

The palace, was offered in 1897 to the City of Venice, by Felicita Bevilacqua, to host the collection of Modern Art, favoring experimental works by young artists, including Klimt, Boccioni, Casorati and Arturo Martini, who portray real characters and sisters, biblical figures, models, heroines, housewives, ladies and teenagers.

In collaboration with Massimiliano Ciammaichella and to the art performance “Lilith – the origin of the woman” produced by ArteMide and supported by Musei Civici di Venezia.